Prothalamion(reprint version)


Author: Edmund Spenser (C.1552-1599)

With that,  I saw two swans of goodly hue

Come softly swimming down along the lee;

Tow fairer birds I yet did never see.

The snow which doth the top of Pindus strew,

Did never whiter shew,

Nor Jove himself, when he a swan would be

For lobe of Leda, whiter did appear:

Yet Leda was they say as white as he,

Yet not so white as these, nor nothing near.

So purely white they were,

That even the gentle stream, the which them bare,

Seemed foul to them, and bade his billows spare

To wet their silken feathers, lest they might

Soil their fair plumes with water not so fair,

And mar their beauties bright,

That shone as heaven’s light,

Against their bridal day, which was not long:

Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song

[review]: How elegant poem it is! I have to imaging every amazing pictures i ever saw, but I couldn’t find any pictures can be similar to this song.                                                                                       —-Oscar Nickolas

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